Introducing Rhys Freeman

Writer and Screenwriter



Rhys Freeman is an award winning screenwriter who adapts his original style and unique perspective to every project he works on - striving to create unforgettable screenplays that are thought-provoking and entertaining to all audiences. Rhys currently has an array of completed feature-length screenplays, with a US and UK based series in development. 2021 brings new and exciting opportunities and collaborative projects.

To request to read scripts by Rhys, get in contact via Twitter @rhysfreemanscr1

You, Me & The Ex

10x Shortlisted and 2x Award Winning Pilot

One man thinks his life resembles absolute bliss, but when his recently divorced ex-girlfriend tries to throw herself back to her college days, one very complex love triangle unravels.

The Night We Met

3x Shortlisted, Award Winning Comedy/Drama Pilot

One young man looks to navigate his way into adulthood after falling for his best-friend’s, girlfriend’s, friend. Yes, it’s complicated. Despite past and present hardships, it can be said, that sometimes the wheels of love are unstoppable if the right souls encounter one another; but it’s a big if.

Boston Lawyer

2x Shortlisted and Finalist, Gritty Law Drama

Rhys worked on the 'Boston Lawyer' project for around seven months, using research and building character profiles and what started out as a gamble to create something gripping, turned into a much more complex undertaking. 'Boston Lawyer' is a gripping law drama that follows a young, yet experienced lawyer given the responsibility to prosecute a man charged with a heinous crime with little evidence to suffice. It is a case that tests to the limit, his beliefs in the legal system and those who operate within it.

On The Day You Leave

Semi Finalist Placed, Life Drama Script

A tale of love, heartbreak and desperation, 'On The Day You Leave' is a story about people leaving our lives and how we begin to adjust to that empty void that was once so easily filled. It's a tale of three different people and how they are all connected by the loss of a person in their lives, in one form or the other. The way they navigate through it, will be the test of faith and believing that there is always a way back to what made you before.



Just Three Little Words - (A Zoom Adaptation)

Coming 2021

Written by Rhys Freeman, 'Just Three Little Words' is a short film that follows a late night call between two friends, that leads to their lives changing forever, causing them to abandon everything they thought they knew about one another and their relationship.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be a slightly different take on the original script- after it was adapted for a safe zoom environment, until the original can be filmed. 


More About Rhys Freeman

The Full Story

Rhys has always been passionate about writing. Before entering the world of screenwriting, Rhys predominantly worked in writing music. He has written and produced his own music, releasing an EP in 2018 titled, 'The Great Unknown.' 2020 also saw his single, 'When You Say The Words,' released on major streaming services and his album 'Hopes, Dreams & Lies' following. As well as this, Rhys was the lead singer of the band, 'The Last Stop', writing and co-writing songs from their EP, 'Half Time.' Rhys extended his branch of writing, gradually becoming more and more involved in the screenwriting field, falling in love with the industry and the creative process of coming up with novel ideas and new ways of telling a story.

Typewriter Keys


In the 2017 edition of the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, Rhys was shortlisted and was a finalist award winner with Boston Lawyer. At the 2018 Hollywood Screenplay Contest, Rhys picked up the same award with the same script.
In 2020 Rhys' feature length script 'On The Day You Leave' was shortlisted and became a Semi-Finalist at the Red Flight Screenplay Awards, and his comedy/drama pilot for his new series 'The Night We Met,' became an award winning script picking up the Critic's Choice Award at the Tagore IFF. The script was shortlisted elsewhere and made it through to the finals, becoming nominated for Best TV Pilot at the SWN Competition.
Elsewhere, his new American Dramedy Pilot, 'You, Me & The Ex' has been shortlisted multiple times as well as picking up two awards along the way.

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